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Alarm Dispatcher Overview

Alarm Dispatcher Overview

Alarm Dispatcher is a tool within evalink talos that allows you to forward incoming alarms to third-party monitoring stations, other evalink talos tenants or sites whithin your tenant.

Alarm Dispatcher is useful when you want to handle certain alarms outside of evalink talos. For example, at a monitoring station which is specifically certified to process such alarms. It also acts as a forwarding agent when you do your alarm processing elsewhere, but are using evalink talos to work with various receivers that are not supported by your monitoring station.

Alarm Dispatcher is configured on a global level by a Company Admin. On the global level, the Company Admin creates one or several Monitoring Stations: entities that connect to alarm forwarding destinations, such as third-party ARCs, a site in your tenant or another evalink talos tenant.

On a site level, Company Admins, Managers and Operators can configure the Alarm Dispatcher, adding one or several Monitoring Stations.

Alarm Dispatcher Communication Scheme

When the Alarm Dispatcher is configured for a site, it implies that conditions are set for alarms that need to be forwarded to other destinations.

Each incoming alarm is scanned and if it matches the conditions set for the Alarm Dispatcher, it is forwarded further on.

Alarm Forwarding Scheme

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