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Reports Overview

Currently, there are two co-existing reporting systems in evalink talos, the First Generation Reports and the Next Generation Reports.

By default, all new tenants now use the Next Generation Reports system. A Company Admin can switch between the two systems. Both systems are mutually exclusive and cannot be used simultaneously.

If a Company Admin switches from one system to another, all settings for the previously used system are saved on evalink talos and will be available again once a Company Admin switches back to the previously used system.

Next Generation Reports Overview

Next Generation Reporting provides access to much more customized versions of Event Log and Alarm reports, as compared to the previous version of reporting. It also adds other reporting options, such as new report templates.

When your company uses Next Generation Reporting system, the generation of CSV reports for events and event logs is still available.

For details about Next Generation Reporting, see section Next Generation Reporting Basics.

First Generation Reports Overview

The following main types of First Generation reports can be created in evalink talos:

  • alarm reports
  • event log reports

For details on First Generation Reports, see sections First Generation Reports > Alarm Reports and First Generation Reports > Event Log Reports.

It is also possible to export a site documentation report with the details of a particular site.

Reports can be generated in PDF or CSV format, depending on the report type.

The following reporting options are available:

  • export and / or email combined reports for a certain time period

    • alarm reports and event log reports in CSV format (both export and email distribution are supported)

    • monthly PDF alarm reports (export only)

    • automated daily, weekly, or monthly PDF event log reports (email distribution only)

      Automated reporting options can be configured by Administrator and Manager.

  • export and / or email an event log report for a single workflow in PDF format

    • manually, from an Event Logs  page (both export and email distribution are supported)

    • automatically, immediately upon the workflow completion (email only)

      Automated reporting options can be configured by Administrator and Manager.

  • export a site documentation report in PDF format

    This option is not available to Operator Minimal.

It is possible to customize the template for PDF reports.


To be able to distribute reports by email, make sure that the Email integration is enabled in evalink talos.

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